Get a Steampunk Aesthetic In Your Home

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As the nights draw in and we are faced with the prospect of having to spend even more time indoors you may be starting to get a little fed up with your immediate surroundings. If so there has never been a better time to consider giving your home interiors a makeover.

If you are looking to change things up a little take a look at the quirky steampunk movement for inspiration. Whether you are looking for a complete remodel or simply want to add some new and exciting flourishes to your home read on for a guide to all things steampunk. 


A Steampunk Primer

First things first, what in the wild world is steampunk? If you have never heard of it before do not worry, here are the basics to get you started. Steampunk is a mashup of Victorian elegance and rugged industrial elements. Taking inspiration from the likes of Jules Verne and HG Wells, steampunk embraces the concept of high tech in an analog world. Think spaceships powered by steam and robotic arms made of cogs and pulleys. 

A Steampunk Colour Scheme

A great place to start to get that perfect stempunk asthetic is with a color scheme. Take inspiration from the Victorian palette and aim for muted colours such as sepia, cream, brown and black. For colour add dark reds, purples and greens. To get that industrial feel don't be afraid to use metallics either, coppers and petwers are ideal.

Make the Inner Workings Outer

A quick google for steampunk will show you that a huge part of the look is showing the inner working of things. From everyday items to fanciful contraptions, you want to be able to see how it works. For small scale pieces consider if you could expose the insides of aclock for example, or how about adding kinetic light switches to your rooms? 

On a larger scale exposed pipes and bricks make for the perfect look. If you are remodelling a bathroom design it so that the pipes that lead to your taps are on show. Could you expose any pipework that is hidden by a false ceiling perhaps?


Copper, All the Copper

As we have previously mentioned metallics are an integral part of the steampunk look. Copper is an especially popular metallic in the steampunk community and the good news for DIY enthusiasts is that there are now an amazing amount of fixtures and fittings that come in copper to add to your home. 

For an easy, big change we love the look of a copper radiator. The range available at Trade Radiators is especially good because of the huge selection of sizes and styles. You can even find styles that wouldn't be amiss in a grand Victorian home. 

Another option is copper door handles and knobs. Not only will they give you the look you are after they have been shown to be antimicrobial as well so you wont need to worry about sanitizing your door handles every day

A Steampunk Touch

Of course, major changes to your home may not be on the cards right now. If you are on a limited budget or simply just want to add some funky flair to a room then look for statement pieces that will give you the look without pulling out the ladders and plumbing. 

Antique and thrift shops are a great place to start, look for antique vases, bowls or hurricane lamps that can be repurposed or upcycled with a touch of metallic spray paint. The addition of cogs and gears to items like a globe will have a big impact. An even easier option is to collect old hardback books to create a library that looks like it had been pulled straight from the shelves of Jules Verne’s study.

Now that you have the basics let the fun begin! Go all out or add some more subtle touches to give your home a feel like no other. Happy steampunking!  

Check This Out! Get a Steampunk Aesthetic In Your Home